Talking to Your Parents About Their Estate Plan

It’s among the most difficult conversations parents and their adult children ever have: what plans have Mom and Dad made in the event of their death or incapacity? Yet as difficult as the conversation can be, having it can ward off a world of troub… Read More
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Post-DOMA Planning

Identifying Estate Planning Techniques No Longer Availableand Updating Estate Plans to Reflect New Benefits Our last article discussed some significant benefits that will now be available to married same-sex couples as well as identifying one estate… Read More
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Post-DOMA Planning: Exploring Some of the most Signficant Federal Benefits Now Available to Married Same-Sex Couples

Post-DOMA Planning: Exploring Some of the Most Significant Federal Benefits Now Available to Married Same-Sex Couples  Once the Supreme Court’s decisions regarding the Defense of Marriage Act have had some time to sink in, same-sex couples and… Read More
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Supreme Court Overturns DOMA and Proposition 8 - More on the Thousands of Changes to Come!

Post-DOMA Planning: How the Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision Will Affect Estate and Income Tax Planning for Same-Sex Couples In a landmark decision yesterday in the case of United States v. Windsor (… Read More
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Probate FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions About Probate, Estates and Wills

Most people have very little involvement with probate procedures, wills or the distribution of estate assets. Although they may have received an inheritance, few actually get involved on a detailed level. So when it comes time to consider their own e… Read More
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What is Included in the 'Final Account' in Probate of an Estate?

In probate proceedings, the Final Account, which is also called the Administration Account in Connecticut, is the statement filed with probate court that shows the final disposition of an estate’s assets after all debts, taxes and expenses relatin… Read More
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What Information is an Executor Required to Share with Heirs and Beneficiaries?

When a person passes away and leaves an inheritance behind for loved ones, it’s natural for the person’s heirs and beneficiaries to want to know what they have been left. It’s also natural for these individuals to want to make sure the estate i… Read More
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Should I Have More than One Executor for My Estate in Connecticut?

One of the questions I commonly get when helping a client with their will is whether they can or should name more than one executor to their estate in Connecticut. There are many reasons a person may consider naming more than one executor and the a… Read More
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What's the Difference Between an Executor and a Trustee?

While there some similarities between a trustee and an executor, the chief of which is that they both handle matters of an estate after a person dies, there are significant differences. If you are planning for the future of your estate or you’re… Read More
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Understanding the Duties of an Executor in Probate of an Estate

Someone close to you has just passed away and you’ve been named as executor of their estate and must see to the distribution of estate assets in the process known as probate. You know that this is an honor and an important assignment, but what, e… Read More
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