Medicaid Rules Pertaining to the Home

The treatment of the home residence under the Medicaid rules can be somewhat confusing.  Here is a brief rundown of the some of the major points to understand. So long as the property (“Home”) is used as the principal residence by the individual… Read More
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What is an "Ancillary Probate?"

When a person dies leaving assets owned individually in the decedent’s name only, those assets will need to pass through a court-supervised process known as “probate.”  The primary probate for a decedent is conducted under the jurisdiction of… Read More
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A prepaid funeral is when a person and/or that person’s family pay for funeral services and related costs while the person is alive.  For many individuals, dealing with the financial aspects of the funeral and burial process is simply one more ele… Read More
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Do You Want or Need a Conservator?

One of the benefits of proper estate planning is to ensure that you, and your assets, will be taken care of even if you are no longer able to do so yourself.  You may become disabled, for instance, and be unable to make important health care decisio… Read More
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Beneficiary Designations Are Crucial

The plan includes a trust and a pour-over will to ensure that any assets not transferred to the client’s trust during her lifetime will end up in her trust after her death. Her trust includes numerous provisions to ensure the assets left in trust… Read More
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Inherited IRAs Can Be Taken From the Beneficiary

Last month, in its unanimous decision in Clark v. Rameker, the United States Supreme Court decided that an inherited IRA does not have the same bankruptcy protection as a non-inherited IRA. Read More
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Planning for a Loved One with Special Needs

Planning for a Loved One with Special Needs   In general, a trust is a legal device whereby property of some sort (real estate, cash, tangible personal property, etc.) is managed by a person, termed the Trustee, for the benefit of certain other peop… Read More
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Successor Trustee Meeting May 2014

Successor Trustee Meeting May 2014   On May 31, 2014 we held our annual Successor Trustee Meeting.  More than 80 of our clients and their family members attended!  We were delighted to see such a crowd, and even more delighted to spend some time c… Read More
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Preserving Wealth Over Generations

Preserving Wealth Over Generations Several common sayings refer to the phenomenon of losing inherited wealth.  One is “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”  Another is “the first generation makes it, the second spends it, and t… Read More
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The Consequences of Life Estates

The Consequences of Life Estates A life estate is a form of ownership in which property owners transfer ownership in their property, most commonly their home, while retaining the right to use and occupy it for the remainder of their lives.  This typ… Read More
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