The Perils of Business Deals without Good Legal Advice

    Lawyers can be expensive. But the value of good legal advice is not always appreciated. In the area of business transactions legal costs should seem far less “costly” when weighed against the potential negative costs when business deal… Read More
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Assisted Reproductive Technology and Estate Planning

Assisted Reproductive Technology and Estate Planning Estate planning is often seen as a conservative, static area of the law, where common practices adhere to customary norms and traditions.  But one area where good comprehensive estate planning mu… Read More
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Conservatorship of Britney Spears

  Conservatorship of Britney Spears In our practice we see many conservatorships. And frequently we help clients avoid conservatorships in the first place. There are many reasons why seeking a conservatorship for yourself or a loved one is a … Read More
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    VETERANS BENEFITS VA Recognizes Disability Caused by Service at Camp Lejeune For nearly 30 years the water at U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune was contaminated by various chemicals. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA… Read More
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  ELDER LAW – Advocating for a Loved One in a Skilled Nursing Facility When your loved one is admitted into a skilled nursing facility, your job as a caregiver is not over. Sure, there is staff comprised of diverse professional backgrounds in… Read More
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Zappa Family Feud

Pleae read link below. Read More
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Coping with Diagnosis

First Steps Following a Cancer Diagnosis The word “cancer” elicits a lot of emotions including fear, anxiety, and sadness. Countless people have endured the feelings associated with a difficult diagnosis for ourselves or a loved one. The March 20… Read More
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We Need to Talk About Driving Key Resources

Making the life-changing decision to “give up the keys” and stop driving a vehicle for the remainder of your life is certainly a difficult decision. Being able to drive is a freedom that has likely been enjoyed for a majority of an older adult’… Read More
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Time for a Change

We often say here at the firm that change is one of the few certainties in life. Depending on our stage of life, change can be exciting, fun, relieving, and anxiety-provoking. It is safe to say that change can be hard to endure. Older adults who have… Read More
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Dementia Tools at Your Fingertips

Caregivers for those living with dementia are all over the country. Caregivers range in age, ethnicity, geography, income, and education. While research theories have been done about what the large, diverse population of caregivers looks like and wha… Read More
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