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The 6 Million Dollar Fight Over George Michael’s Home and Estate

  The 6 Million Dollar Fight Over George Michael’s Home and Estate On Christmas Day 2016 George Michael’s body was discovered by his lover Fadi Fawaz.  Since that time significant tensions have arisen between Fawaz and Michael’s surv… Read More
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Gray Divorce - Estate Planning and Long-Term Care Planning

Gray Divorce- Estate Planning and Long-Term Care Planning It’s true… Baby Boomers are changing the way we think about work, retirement and, yes, divorce!  Baby Boomers in general are more independent, more physically active and working long… Read More
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What Aging Parents Expect of their Adult Children

  What Aging Parents Expect of their Adult Children When does the role of adult child change to include caregiver? Longtime family dynamics can impact how the boundaries between adult children and their parents become blurred. When do adult childre… Read More
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The Perils of Business Deals without Good Legal Advice

    Lawyers can be expensive. But the value of good legal advice is not always appreciated. In the area of business transactions legal costs should seem far less “costly” when weighed against the potential negative costs when business deal… Read More
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Assisted Reproductive Technology and Estate Planning

Assisted Reproductive Technology and Estate Planning Estate planning is often seen as a conservative, static area of the law, where common practices adhere to customary norms and traditions.  But one area where good comprehensive estate planning mu… Read More
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    VETERANS BENEFITS VA Recognizes Disability Caused by Service at Camp Lejeune For nearly 30 years the water at U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune was contaminated by various chemicals. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA… Read More
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Coping with Diagnosis

First Steps Following a Cancer Diagnosis The word “cancer” elicits a lot of emotions including fear, anxiety, and sadness. Countless people have endured the feelings associated with a difficult diagnosis for ourselves or a loved one. The March 20… Read More
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Time for a Change

We often say here at the firm that change is one of the few certainties in life. Depending on our stage of life, change can be exciting, fun, relieving, and anxiety-provoking. It is safe to say that change can be hard to endure. Older adults who have… Read More
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Dementia Tools at Your Fingertips

Caregivers for those living with dementia are all over the country. Caregivers range in age, ethnicity, geography, income, and education. While research theories have been done about what the large, diverse population of caregivers looks like and wha… Read More
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New Study Suggests Retiring Later May Help Longevity

For many of us regardless of our age, retirement can seem like a concept in the far-off future. Certainly, attitudes and expectations around retirement have changed over the last few decades. Our careers are a major aspect of our overall lives, and t… Read More
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