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You Have Rights as a Resident in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Not everyone may experience a crisis or injury that might lead them to a skilled nursing facility for long-term care or rehabilitation. Being outside of your own home can be uncomfortable, especially when you are dependent on nursing staff for your c… Read More
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Key Issues to Consider in Assisted Living Contracts

When someone gets ready to move into an assisted living facility there will inevitably be a lot of paperwork involved.  Much of that paperwork is fairly straightforward and need not be a cause for concern.  However, amid the big stack of needed sig… Read More
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Seven Signs a Child is Financially Abusing an Older Parent

Unfortunately, financial exploitation of older individuals is an all too common occurrence in our country.  The National Council on Aging estimates that as many as 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 60 has experienced some sort of elder abuse.  And… Read More
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Are you all set if you have long term care insurance?

Long term care planning is complicated.  When we help guide our clients through that process we must consider many factors, including things like amounts of current and future assets and income, likely expenses, health conditions of various family m… Read More
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A Court Appointed Guardian Took Everything Away From Her

A Court Appointed Guardian Took Everything Away From Her – Elder Law Preparation in CT In the planning work we do for our clients we always address the issue of conservatorships.  A conservator, also termed a guardian in many states, is an i… Read More
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Siblings’ Fight over Mom’s Care Gets Violent

Siblings’ Fight over Mom’s Care Gets Violent It is no mystery that siblings often fight with each other. And while childhood presents many opportunities for disputes, conflicts are by no means limited to the younger years. We see in our practice… Read More
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Hospital Legal Rights in Connecticut

  New Policy to Address the Problems Caused by Observation Status Henry Weatherby President at Weatherby & Associates, PC A visit to the hospital can be physically and emotionally jarring for patients and their family members or… Read More
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Home Care Options Offered by the State of Connecticut

Home Care Options Offered by the State of Connecticut Countless older adults have voiced strong desires to remain living in their private homes for as long as possible. They dread the need to rely on supports offered at nursing homes or as they are… Read More
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Poorly Done Estate Settlement Can Create Real Estate Title Problems

When a family member dies, there are many legal and financial things that need to be taken care of.  That process is commonly called “estate settlement.”  It is also called Probate.  There are costs involved with the estate settlement process.… Read More
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Life Care Planning: Life Beyond Law

What is a life care planning law firm? How is it different from a typical elder law firm? The answers to these questions describe what makes Weatherby & Associates truly unique. They also reflect the passion and commitment of the firm’s staff t… Read More
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