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Seven Signs a Child is Financially Abusing an Older Parent

Unfortunately, financial exploitation of older individuals is an all too common occurrence in our country.  The National Council on Aging estimates that as many as 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 60 has experienced some sort of elder abuse.  And… Read More
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What if the Hospital Ignores Your End of Life Wishes?

When we ask our clients if they would ever want to be artificially kept alive on a machine or the like, they almost invariably answer NO.  We have all seen too many horror stories of individuals who end up living a sad existence in a vegetative stat… Read More
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Are you all set if you have long term care insurance?

Long term care planning is complicated.  When we help guide our clients through that process we must consider many factors, including things like amounts of current and future assets and income, likely expenses, health conditions of various family m… Read More
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Who Ultimately Benefitted the Most from Marilyn Monroe’s Estate?

In the design work we perform for our clients, we often use various types of trusts.  There are  many things a trust can do including helping to address issues related to incapacity, protecting your assets from creditors, and avoiding or minimizing… Read More
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Church Affiliated Retirement Plans

Supreme Court Says Retirement Plans From Church Affiliated Organizations Not Covered by Employee Retirement Security Act The United States Supreme Court recently considered the issue of whether or not federal ERISA law applies to retirement plans sp… Read More
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Do-It Yourself Will Backfires

There are a number of reasons why people avoid hiring a lawyer to assist them in their estate planning.  Lawyers can be perceived as expensive and a hassle to deal with.  Frankly, some people simply find dealing with an attorney stressful.  And t… Read More
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A Court Appointed Guardian Took Everything Away From Her

A Court Appointed Guardian Took Everything Away From Her – Elder Law Preparation in CT In the planning work we do for our clients we always address the issue of conservatorships.  A conservator, also termed a guardian in many states, is an i… Read More
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The Inheritance of Lisa Marie Presley

Most people love their children and would like to provide well for them.  And how better to provide well for your children than to give them abundant wealth?  Well, estate planners appreciate how wealth can be both a blessing and a curse.  In part… Read More
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The Estate of Prince – Valuation is Tricky - (Part 2)

    The Estate of Prince – Valuation is Tricky (Part 2) Last week we discussed how Prince died without a Will and several problems that that is causing in the process of estate settlement.  This week we consider another aspect of Prince… Read More
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The Estate of Prince - a Royal Mess - (Part 1)

  The Estate of Prince – a Royal Mess (Part 1) Everybody knows you should have a Will.  Although we caution our clients that having a Will alone will leave many important planning issues unaddressed, not having a Will creates a number of prob… Read More
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I was “lost” and now I am “found”. I didn’t know where to turn when my spouse was in assisted living and time (3) year long-term care policy was getting depleted. Read More
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