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How Does the New Tax Cut and Jobs Act Affect You?

The new Tax Cut and Jobs Act, which makes broad changes to the income and estate tax codes, will have a significant impact on many taxpayers.  Because it is so new and so complex, it will be some time before tax professionals fully understand those… Read More
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The Estate of Prince – Valuation is Tricky - (Part 2)

    The Estate of Prince – Valuation is Tricky (Part 2) Last week we discussed how Prince died without a Will and several problems that that is causing in the process of estate settlement.  This week we consider another aspect of Prince… Read More
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The Estate of Prince - a Royal Mess - (Part 1)

  The Estate of Prince – a Royal Mess (Part 1) Everybody knows you should have a Will.  Although we caution our clients that having a Will alone will leave many important planning issues unaddressed, not having a Will creates a number of prob… Read More
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Over the last two decades, changes in the estate tax laws have caused a great shift in the focus of estate planning.  At one time, the primary issue was avoiding a 55% estate tax rate on a relatively modest level of assets.  For example, in 1995 th… Read More
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Hank’s primary focus is on the needs of his clients and what works best for them in their individual circumstances. He is very practical and works to educate his clients without being condescending. At the same time, he keeps himself up to date… Read More
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