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What is a life care planning law firm? How is it different from a typical elder law firm? The answers to these questions describe what makes Weatherby & Associates truly unique. They also reflect the passion and commitment of the firm’s staff to the ongoing work of helping our clients thrive. Below is an account from our Life Care Coordinator, Jacqueline Abramczyk, LMSW:

“Representing a life care planning law firm means that I take pride in collaboration to help our clients thrive. I get to help clients and their involved family members manage their health care and I do that while informing the work of the legal staff at the office. We have the benefit of working together and in many cases also meeting with our clients together to help them further their planning. I have personally witnessed the way our firm’s focus has directly contributed to the alleviation of a lot of stress and anxiety that can negatively affect one’s health. What drives us is establishing a valuable, ongoing relationship with our clients, not just a single transaction in which documents are generated.

I really admire Attorney Weatherby’s (Hank’s) commitment to this unique model within the law. It speaks to Hank’s and the firm’s overall passion that education and advocacy has to be ongoing, and as comprehensive as possible. I think back on my career thus far and what has gotten me to this role. I had the opportunity to learn about the value of interdisciplinary work to serve the elderly and their families when I was a social work graduate student at Boston College. I took a course in collaboration with Harvard Medical School which invited students from multiple disciplines including occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, and gerontology to share their experiences and best practices around caring for the elderly population. We then worked together to explore future trends within our chosen fields, and how we can best work together.

Life care planning law aims to achieve the best possible outcomes with the understanding that quality of life is not just about a legal document. I have the privilege of serving on a team with professionals in a discipline different from my own, but with the same goals.”

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Hank and his staff are sticklers for detail which represents to me a feeling of safeness that everything is being done correctly and there is no need to worry or be concerned. Related Read More
– Chris F.

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