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Volume 7, Issue 4: Planning with Execution
Financial planning has become a generic term.  You find it mentioned across media channels from banks to brokerages to accounting firms to personal finance.  While the term itself may be diluted, planning is the first step in assuring your long term security.  But this security is only realized when the plan is implemented.  The financial planning method discussed in this issue is defined as "Planning with Execution" for the obvious truth that you won't get results unless your plan is put into action.



Volume 7, Issue 3 - Life Expectancy and Health Care Planning

Except for government employees and Social Security, retirement plans that pay benefits until death are pretty much a thing of the past.  Plus, people today are living longer.  Yet retirees' need for income that is sustainable and that they will not outlive is unchanged.  



Volume 7, Issue 2 - Why Estate Planning Is Still Important

With the federal gift and estate tax exemption currently at $5.25 million per person ($10.5 million for married couples), some with "smaller" estates may wonder if they need any estate planning.  But there are many reasons to do estate planning other than to avoid...



Volume 7, Issue 1 - What the New Tax Law Means to You

The law passed to deal with the so-called "fiscal cliff" included revisions to estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer ("GST") tax laws, and income tax laws that will affect estate planning for the foreseeable future.  In this edition of The Wealth Advisor, we will take a first look at those changes and what they will mean to you.



Volume 6, Issue 4 - The Top Ten Reasons You Need to Do Estate Planning in 2012

Does it seem like you are hearing more about estate planning lately?  Well, you probably are.  The financial press and estate planning professionals (lawyers, CPAs and financial advisors) have all been working hard to get the word out that...



Volume 6, Issue 3 - The Door Is Closing - Unique Gift and Estate Planning Opportunities in 2012

2012 is truly an exceptional year to do estate planning.  The estate, gift, incoming and generation skipping transfer (GST) tax laws are the most favorable to taxpayers since the 1940's, or possibly ever, and are scheduled to become far less favorable in 2013...



Volume 6, Issue 2 - Estate Planning - A Process, Not and Event

You have signed all of your estate planning documents and, if your plan includes trusts, completed their funding.  You sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with completing that task.  But don't bask in that feeling for too long...



Volume 6, Issue 1 - An Introduction to Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is not about hiding or concealing assets.  It is about using the existing laws appropriately to obtain the best possible level of protection for your assets - in other words, to make you less of a desirable target for...



Volume 2, Issue 2: What's Inside

  • Who is Eligible for the Zero Tax Rate?
  • Life Insurance for Income and Wealth Replacement
  • Life Insurance for Wealth Creation


Volume 1, Issue 2: Planning for Disability
Most Americans Will Face At Least a Temporary Disability 
Study after study confirms that nearly everyone will face at least a temporary disability sometime during their lifetime. More specifically, one in three Americans will face at least a 90-day disability before reaching age 65 and, as the following graph depicts, depending upon their ages, up to 44% of Americans will face a disability of 2.4 to 4.7 years. On the whole, Americans are up to 3.5 times more likely to become disabled than die in any given year.



Volume 1, Issue 1: New Law Creates Exciting Planning Opportunities
The purpose of this newsletter is to inform you of changes in the law and to provide planning information and general financial news. These newsletters also give me a chance to share new techniques to enhance your planning, as well as to help you to stay current with tactics designed to maximize the effectiveness of your plan. I hope you will read each newsletter carefully to keep up to date on these important topics. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this or any matters relating to your planning.



Volume 1, Issue 1: Planning for Disability
No one likes to think about the possibility of their own disability or the disability of a loved one. However, as we'll see below, the statistics are clear that we should all plan for at least a temporary disability. This issue of The Wealth Advisor examines the eye-opening statistics surrounding disability and some of the common disability planning options.



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