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Should I Have More than One Executor for My Estate in Connecticut?

One of the questions I commonly get when helping a client with their will is whether they can or should name more than one executor to their estate in Connecticut. There are many reasons a person may consider naming more than one executor and the a… Read More
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What's the Difference Between an Executor and a Trustee?

While there some similarities between a trustee and an executor, the chief of which is that they both handle matters of an estate after a person dies, there are significant differences. If you are planning for the future of your estate or you’re… Read More
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Understanding the Duties of an Executor in Probate of an Estate

Someone close to you has just passed away and you’ve been named as executor of their estate and must see to the distribution of estate assets in the process known as probate. You know that this is an honor and an important assignment, but what, e… Read More
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Strategies to Avoid Probate in Connecticut - Probate Lawyers

Probate Lawyers in Connecticut There are many good reasons for wanting to keep your estate out of probate. Settling ones final affairs through Probate can be more expensive compared to other options.  One of the biggest objections to using probate… Read More
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Which Assets Must Go Through Probate in Connecticut?

When an individual dies in Connecticut, that person’s estate must go through probate if he or she has a will or through estate administration if there is no will or the will is invalid. Essentially, the two processes are the same except that in pro… Read More
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Weatherby & Associates recommended we have a living trust. This appears to be a wonderful solution to the disposition of our assets, first to the surviving spouse and ultimately to our heirs. Read More
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