Obtaining Veterans' Benefits

Obtaining the Health and Disability Benefits Our Veterans Deserve

Veterans — Don’t let the frustration and confusion of government red tape keep you from getting the health and disability benefits you deserve.

If you’re a veteran of the United States Armed Forces with a discharge other than dishonorable and need help with long-term health care costs and disability services, you may be eligible for thousands of dollars in pension benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs — money that could play a critical role in ensuring you get the care you need.


However, many people who apply for veterans’ benefits on their own get denied even though they are actually eligible. Those who are awarded benefits often endure lengthy, unnecessary delays before receiving their benefits. Meanwhile, medical bills continue to pile up and health care needs go unmet.

Weatherby & Associates, PC is proud to offer veterans our assistance in filing for and obtaining the veterans’ benefits they are entitled to. Attorney Henry C Weatherby  was among the first attorney in the nation to receive accreditation in the preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims for veterans’ benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This accreditation allows Hank to assist veterans in applying for benefits and appealing claim denials. 

With assistance from Weatherby & Associates, PC, veterans can:

  • Ensure the accuracy of their claims
  • Potentially qualify for more benefits than if they attempted the claim on their own
  • Increase the likelihood of being awarded benefits
  • Get their application for benefits filed faster
  • Eliminate hassle and worry

By law, these services are free of cost to veterans and only individuals with veterans’ benefits accreditation can help veterans with their claims.

Let Weatherby & Associates, PC help you obtain your veterans’ benefits faster and with less frustration and worry. Call our veterans’ benefits attorney today to schedule a free consultation: 888-822-8778 (Toll Free)


Approximately 95 percent of eligible veterans miss out on as much as $2,127 a month in additional income even though growing health care and living costs, along with disabilities or age factors that keep them from working, force many veterans to struggle financially in their later years.

Approximately one-third of all veterans who are 65 years of age and older qualify for Aid & Attendance Benefits through the pension program for wartime veterans, but few are aware of its availability. This little-known source of money for paying long-term care costs has been on the books since 1953 and is available to veterans who served on active duty during a period of war or to the single surviving spouses of wartime veterans.

If you qualify, this valuable source of revenue can be used to pay adult children, other relatives, friends, or professional service providers for care services that your health requires — services that could prevent or delay your admission to a nursing home.  (Spouses are not eligible to receive payment for the care of their spouse.) These funds can even help with the cost of assisted living, which can be substantial.

Weatherby & Associates, PC can help you determine whether you qualify for Aid & Attendance benefits and help you apply for them if you do. Our expertise in filing veterans’ benefits claims can increase the likelihood of having Aid & Attendance claims accepted and, in many cases, help veterans obtain their benefits faster and with less hassle.

Get the help you need getting the veterans’ benefits you deserve.

You served our country well, now let us do the same for you. Discover how veterans’ benefits claim assistance from Weatherby & Associates, PC can get you the help you need with medical, disability and long-term care costs and ease your financial pressures. Call our accredited veterans’ benefits attorney today to schedule a free consultation: 888-822-8778 (Toll Free)

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