Planning for a Child With Special Needs

Ensuring a Future of Quality Care and Financial Security for Your Special Needs Child

Caring for a child with special needs is time consuming and often exhausting. Getting through today is enough of a challenge without having to worry about tomorrow. But taking the time to plan for your child’s future can ensure they continue to receive quality care and the services they need throughout their life, even after their 18th birthday or after you’re gone. 

int_planning_child_special_needs-300x190By utilizing Special Needs Trusts and asset protection strategies to qualify your child for Medicaid, special needs planning experts at Weatherby & Associates, PC can help you sort through all the confusing options and create a plan that fits your needs and resources. We walk you through each step of the way, explaining every alternative available to you and demonstrating the results you’re likely to achieve depending on which choices you make.

At Weatherby & Associates, PC, we understand the complex issues and conflicting priorities you face as the parent of a child with disabilities or special needs. We have over 20 years of experience helping families to overcome these challenges and to achieve the goals they have for the future of their children with special needs.

Weatherby & Associates, PC Helps Families Achieve their Goals for their Children with Special Needs

The planning needs of families with special needs children differ from other families. Instead of saving for a rainy day or providing an inheritance that will supplement their adult children’s income, families of special needs children must plan for the high costs of long-term care and make sure their child has a source of funds they can rely on. Objectives that Weatherby & Associates, PC helps families achieve include:

  • Qualifying special needs children for Medicaid
  • Protecting assets and income from medical care expenses and Medicaid reimbursement
  • Ensuring the ability to pay for services the child needs that aren’t paid for by Medicaid
  • Identifying suitable guardians in the event of the parents’ incapacity or death
  • Making sure future guardians understand what parents intend for their child in regards to health care and financial security
  • Securing the best care and services possible
  • Obtaining guardianship rights to continue making health, life and financial decisions for the child after their 18th birthday
  • Ensuring the parents’ assets will pass to and benefit their child after their death
  • Making certain the child’s future is handled according to the parents’ wishes, and not those of a court, social worker or other third party 

Get the help you need to ensure the future of your child’s health care and financial security.

Join the many families who no longer have to deal with the frustration and uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to their child with special needs. Discover how special needs planning services from Weatherby & Associates, PC can help you provide lifelong quality care and financial security for your child with special needs. Call our special needs planning attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation: 888-822-8778 (Toll Free)

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