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The following business planning guides are answers to questions that are frequently thought of but never asked. These guides can answer questions ranging from everyday business planning, to taxes and how they affect your business, to  leaving your business to your family. 

Questions and Answers of Business Planning

Leaving Your Business in the Hands of Your Family

Taxes, How Do They Affect My Business When I Sell it or Die?

For many businesses, the need for legal counsel doesn’t end when structuring is complete or an exit strategy is in place. From advice on company policies to counsel on growth opportunities, having an experienced business attorney at your side can help you make more profitable decisions and minimize risks. Attorneys from Weatherby & Associates, PC are available on an ongoing basis for our clients to assist in a wide variety of transactions and other business matters.

Discover how you can create more value in your business and have peace of mind about the future of your company with business planning services from Weatherby & Associates, PC. Call our business planning attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation: 1-888-822-8778 (Toll Free)

Weatherby & Associates, PC will help you protect your business from the start. Hank Weatherby will take the time to sit with you and explain what your business options are. Please enjoy these pages and call or email us if you have any questions. These guides can answer questions ranging from everyday business planning to taxes and how they affect your business to leaving your business to your family. Trust Business Lawyers - Weatherby & Associates, PC to help protect your business the best way possible.    


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    The staff and counselors at Weatherby & Associates have always been there to advise me on affairs concerning my father’s estate and have always answered my questions and pointed me in the right direction. Read More
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