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You work hard to make your business succeed. Unfortunately, many business owners never realize the full potential value of their business. Failure to protect assets, plan for unforeseen events, and structure it for the best advantage can leave your business vulnerable and keep you and your family from getting all that’s possible out of your hard work and accomplishments. In some cases failure to plan can even endanger a business owner’s personal assets and life savings.

int_planning_business-300x190The attorneys at Weatherby & Associates, PC have been helping business owners get more out of their businesses for over 20 years. Utilizing sophisticated structuring and planning instruments, we help clients position their businesses to ensure long-term viability and maximize benefits for owners and their families.

Imagine being able to:

  • Increase the current value of your business both now and in the future
  • Protect business assets from personal creditors, including lawsuits
  • Protect personal assets from business creditors, including lawsuits
  • Preserve the value of your business for future generations
  • Minimize income taxes, estate taxes and gift taxes
  • Enable family members to profit from the business without needing to work in the business or being unfair to family members who do
  • Establish the sale value of your business should you choose to sell it now or in the future
  • Avoid loss of business value or dissolution of your business should you unexpectedly become ill or die
  • Create a legacy using your business to benefit charitable organizations

These opportunities and many more are available through the business and succession planning services from Weatherby & Associates, PC. Our clients appreciate the peace of mind and confidence in the future they receive with the help of our experienced attorneys.

Business Entity Formation for Asset Protection and Value Growth

Structuring your business correctly is critical. It can mean the difference between losing everything to an unforeseen event, like a liability lawsuit, and preserving the viability of your business and protecting your assets. Correct business structuring can also open a world of opportunities for increasing the value of your business and allow family members to share in the value of the business without having to break it up or be unfair to other family members.

Weatherby & Associates, PC employs sophisticated strategies, often utilizing interconnected limited liability companies (LLCs) and trusts, to create a barrier between personal and business assets, which minimizes the potential for loss. Use of LLCs or other corporate entities also creates shares that help define the dollar value of the business and can be transferred, bought or sold to capitalize the business or allow others to share in the value of the business.

Exit and Succession Planning

Every business owner leaves the business someday. Whether it happens at a time you choose or happens unexpectedly, you’ll rest easier if you know you’re prepared and know that your business, and all who depend on it, won’t suffer when you’re no longer there to run things.

Scores of business owners put their trust in Weatherby & Associates, PC’s experience and knowledge to create high-value exit and succession plans for their businesses. Whether employing simple insurance strategies and buy-sell agreements or utilizing a complex plan of entities and other arrangements, our clients appreciate knowing that, should they choose to retire or unexpectedly fall ill or die, their business will continue to thrive and continue to benefit the ones they love.

Ongoing Business Counsel for Day-to-Day Operations

For many businesses, the need for legal counsel doesn’t end when structuring is complete or an exit strategy is in place. From advice on company policies to counsel on growth opportunities, having an experienced business attorney at your side can help you make more profitable decisions and minimize risks. Attorneys from Weatherby & Associates, PC are available on an ongoing basis for our clients to assist in a wide variety of transactions and other business matters.

Discover how you can create more value in your business and have peace of mind about the future of your company with business planning services from Weatherby & Associates, PC. Call our business planning attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation: 888-822-8778 (Toll Free)



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