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Ensuring Smooth, Accurate Transfer of Assets from One Generation to Another

Distributing an estate after the death of a loved one is a delicate matter. Whether probating a will or administering a trust, every asset and transaction must be recorded with detailed accuracy while still being sensitive to the needs of a grieving family. For over 20 years, Connecticut families have trusted Weatherby & Associates, PC to ensure their loved ones’ estates are handled correctly and compassionately, with special care taken to handle each estate the way their loved one intended.

int_planning_estate_planning-300x190Our Connecticut probate attorneys are known for taking a focused approach to estate administration that streamlines the process, reduces the potential for errors, and minimizes the costs and hassles involved. Our client families also appreciate our communication process that keeps family members up to date on the estate’s progress and makes it easy to get answers to questions they have.

When you need reliable, compassionate, experienced help handling the estate of a recently deceased loved one, turn to Weatherby & Associates, PC.

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Connecticut Probate Services

When someone dies, all of the decedent’s assets that are not included in a trust or don’t have a designated beneficiary must be inventoried and then used to pay off outstanding debts and any taxes and probate fees that are due. Any remaining assets are distributed to heirs and beneficiaries according to the decedent’s will, if there is one, or according to Connecticut state law if there isn’t a will. This whole process is known as ‘probate’ and is supervised by the Connecticut Probate Court. Because the process of probating an estate requires a thorough investigation of the decedent’s finances, belongings and personal business, and may be scrutinized by family members as well as the court, it is often a very emotional process for the surviving loved ones involved.  In Connecticut, the executor or the successor trustee must file a Connecticut Estate Tax Return whether there is any tax due or not.  The Probate Court is paid a fee on the amount reported on this Estate Tax Return whether the assets are in a living trust or not.  The fee accrues interest until it is paid.

The Connecticut probate attorneys at Weatherby & Associates, PC offer their services as executors, co-executors or as legal counsel to executors to make the probate process less stressful on grieving family members, ensure accuracy, and manage communication with family members and other beneficiaries. From filing the will in probate court and identifying all of a decedent’s assets to calculating estate taxes, paying creditors and ensuring accurate distribution to beneficiaries, our experienced Connecticut probate attorneys make the probate process easier and smoother for everyone involved.

Trust Administration Services

When assets have been transferred to a trust, they do not go through probate like other assets after a person dies. Instead, the trust assets are administered according to the terms of the trust. Depending on the intentions of the trust creator, trust assets may be distributed directly to beneficiaries, held and invested for later distribution, used to create scholarships or grants, or transferred to charitable organizations. Numerous other options are also available, including combining several of these options. Administering a trust is usually a complex matter, involving detailed record keeping and fiduciary duties that require a high level of attention and integrity.

It is not uncommon for family members and designated successor trustees to discover they don’t have the time or the skill sets required to appropriately administer a trust. The larger the estate and the more complex the terms of the trust are, the more this is true. Weatherby & Associates, PC offers our services to assist in the administration of trusts. Put our years of trust administration experience to work ensuring your loved one’s trust is handled with precision and integrity.

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