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At Weatherby & Associates, PC, our Estate PlanningBusiness PlanningLife Care Planning, and Veterans’ Benefits Planning all start with an initial consultation. Prior to the consultation we will review and analyze your completed personal information questionnaire.  During the consultation, we take the time to understand your needs, goals, and desires.  At the conclusion of our meeting with you, together we will be able to decide what customized planning approach is best for your situation, and what the appropriate fee will be for the legal work.

Similarly, during an initial consultation for an estate settlement or trust administration matter, we will explore any issues or concerns you may have, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the tasks involved, and assure you that we can ease the burden of managing the estate or trust.  We hope that each client leaves our office confident that their matter will be handled competently and compassionately.

The next step, should you decide to hire Weatherby & Associates, PC for a planning matter, is to hold a Design Meeting with one of our attorneys.  During the Design Meeting, we will, based on your individual goals, provide individualized advice and counsel to assist you in the design of an estate, business or Life Care Plan to meet your needs.

After designing the plan, our attorneys will then draft and prepare the necessary legal documents for your review and execution.  You will sign all documents during the Delivery Meeting. You may also meet with our Funding Coordinator at that time or shortly thereafter, to confirm that all the necessary asset transfers and/or beneficiary designations have been addressed.

Once your planning documents are delivered and signed, your plan will be maintained throughout the years by our LifeBridge™ Program as long as you wish to continue to receive our advice, counsel and assistance.


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