Long Term Care Planning

Giving Aging Loved Ones the Best Possible Care in the Most Enjoyable Environment Available

Honoring parents and aging loved ones with the best of care and a home they can enjoy for the remainder of their days is a desire that simply comes naturally. Unfortunately, many families put off planning for the potential needs of aging members until illness or disability compels them to action, often forcing them to accept less than optimal solutions and burdening them with sudden financial strains they are not prepared for. But that doesn’t have to happen to your family.


Weatherby & Associates, PC’s Life Care Plan program puts at your disposal an interdisciplinary team of compassionate professionals who have your loved one’s best interests at heart. With their knowledgeable guidance, you can provide a future for your parents or other aging loved ones that promises a quality of life they can enjoy while ensuring the best health care possible with minimal financial strain. From sorting through the confusing array of options to identifying potential care needs and additional resources you can take advantage of, your Life Care Planning team — including our on-staff Life Care Coordinator — helps you make the right decisions for the long-term care of the people you love.

Onset of illness or disability shouldn’t mean surrendering to a lifestyle of dreary environments, loneliness and hardship. The Weatherby & Associates, PC Life Care Planning team can help with a wide variety of services and solutions to give your loved ones a better life in their aging years, including:

  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Care Needs Analysis
  • Residence Needs Assessment
  • Residential Placement Assistance
  • Medicaid Qualification
  • VA Benefits Qualification
  • Coordination of private and public resources to finance care
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Family Education Assistance
  • Health Care Advocacy

Get started on a plan to ensure the best possible care and living opportunities for your parent or other aging loved one. Call our Life Care Planning attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation: 888-822-8778 (Toll Free)


A Life Care Plan is a formalized strategy for promoting and maintaining good health, safety, well-being and quality of life for a senior and their family. It bundles together estate planning instruments, legal and advisory services, and health care advocacy assistance to achieve objectives such as:

  • Determining a client’s current and potential health care and residency needs
  • Identifying and securing resources for financing those needs, including Medicaid, VA Benefits, insurance and other private and public funding
  • Qualifying the client for Medicaid and/or VA Benefits
  • Protecting family assets against claims by Medicaid or health care providers
  • Identifying appropriate residence opportunities
  • Ensuring the client is able to leave an inheritance to their loved ones

Sorting through all the options available and identifying a practical course of action to ensure an elderly loved one has the best care and lifestyle possible can be confusing and frustrating. Most families aren’t aware of all the possibilities or how to go about taking advantage of those possibilities. The Life Care Planning team at Weatherby & Associates, PC eliminates all that hassle and frustration, helping families make the right decisions for their loved ones and often opening opportunities that families would not have when planning on their own.

The Life Care Planning process begins with assessments of the loved one’s health, mobility, housing needs, health care needs and financial resources. This includes an in-home assessment by our Life Care Coordinator. Our team then identifies gaps in the care being provided and potential future needs and discusses possible solutions with the client’s family. Once solutions are decided upon, the team drafts a customized plan that defines the needs and organizes and prioritizes all the necessary components. Then the plan gets put into action.


To ensure your loved one continues to get the best care and to ensure the plan achieves your intended goals and doesn’t become outdated or ineffective, clients’ families have the option of participating in our LifeBridgeTM program, which includes regular check-ins with the client and annual updating of planning components. Click here to find out more about LifeBridgeTM.


Weatherby & Associates, PC is a founder of the Connecticut Care Planning Council and a member of the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, as part of our commitment to creating better health care and living environment options for aging loved ones when they struggle with declining health, long-term illness or disability. Firm founder Hank Weatherby holds numerous certifications in financial planning and other fields that enable him to provide more help and better service to clients with long-term care needs.  Very importantly, the team at Weatherby & Associates, PC works to collaborate with your other advisors to make sure everything is coordinated for your benefit.

For over 20 years, families have trusted the future of their loved ones to the attorneys of Weatherby & Associates, PC.  Discover how a Life Care Plan from Weatherby & Associates, PC can provide your loved one with the best possible long-term care and lifestyle more affordably than you thought possible. Call our Life Care Planning attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation: 888-822-8778 (Toll Free) 



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