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Do you know what will happen to your estate and your loved ones once you’re gone? At Weatherby & Associates, PC, our trusted estate planning lawyers can ensure that the assets you’ve worked hard for take care of the ones you love and have a lasting benefit for the people and causes you care about. Learn more about estate planning to protect your family.

Hartford, CT Estate Planning for My Business

The attorneys at Weatherby & Associates, PC have been helping business owners get more out of their businesses for over 20 years. Utilizing sophisticated structuring and planning instruments, we help clients position their businesses to ensure long-term viability and maximize benefits for owners and their families. Learn more about estate planning for my business.

Hartford, CT Estate Planning for a Parent

Weatherby & Associates, PC’s Life Care Plan program puts at your disposal an interdisciplinary team of compassionate professionals who have your loved one’s best interests at heart. With their knowledgeable guidance, you can provide a future for your parents or other aging loved ones that promises a quality of life they can enjoy while ensuring the best health care possible with minimal financial strain. Learn more about estate planning for a parent.

Administering a Probate Estate or Trust in Connecticut

Our Windsor, CT probate attorneys are known for taking a focused approach to estate administration that streamlines the process, reduces the potential for errors, and minimizes the costs and hassles involved. Learn more about Probate in Connecticut.


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Why You Should Regularly Review Your Trust

"One of the benefits of a Revocable Living Trust is that it can be updated when necessary. You may want to update your trust to comply with new laws or to reflect changes in your wishes or your life circumstances. In order to take advantage of this benefit, you should review your trust periodically to see if changes are needed..."

Ancillary Probate: What It Is and How to Avoid It

"Probate of a decedent’s estate will be opened in the state in which the decedent was domiciled at the time of his or her death.  This state will be the state of primary probate proceedings.  However, the court in the state of primary probate jurisdiction will not have jurisdiction over real estate located in another state..."

 Probate Lawyers, Estate Lawyers - Hartford CT


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