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int_planning_business-300x190For over 20 years, the Newington, CT estate planning and probate attorneys at Weatherby & Associates, PC have helped Connecticut families set goals and turn them into reality, creating a better, more secure future.

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Distributing an estate after the death of a loved one is a delicate matter. Whether probating a will or administering a trust, every asset and transaction must be recorded with detailed accuracy while still being sensitive to the needs of a grieving family. For over 20 years, Connecticut families have trusted Weatherby & Associates, PC to ensure their loved ones’ estates are handled correctly and compassionately, with special care taken to handle each estate the way their loved one intended. Learn more about Administering a Probate Estate or Trust.

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Preserving Wealth Over Generations

"Several common sayings refer to the phenomenon of losing inherited wealth.  One is “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”  Another is “the first generation makes it, the second spends it, and the third blows it.”  These sayings are supported by numbers.  According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, 70% of family wealth is lost by the end of the second generation and 90% will be gone within three generations..."

Signing Nursing Home Admission Agreements As A Responsible Party

"When a person is admitted to a nursing home, it is often a family member who manages the details of the move.  If you are managing a loved one’s transition into a nursing home, you will likely be asked to sign a nursing home admission agreement as your loved one’s “responsible party.”  These agreements can be very thick, complicated, and confusing..."

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Probate Lawyers, Estate Lawyers - Newington CT


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