Had we known how painless he would make the process, we would never have procrastinated. My husband and I engaged Hank Weatherby's services last year to help us plan for our children and grandchildren. As this is my second marriage and the third for my husband, with children from each marriage, we had thought this would be a very stressful process. Hank immediately put us at ease. He provided helpful materials that helped us formulate our goals. He provided practical examples and explanations for legal concepts that would otherwise have been difficult to understand. We had been avoiding this task for several years. Hank guided us through every step of the process and made what had been an overwhelmingly complex matter seem straight-forward and understandable. He never imposed his personal views. Rather, he helped us understand our wishes (which we really hadn't thought through before) and then implemented them. We've been delighted with the outcome and the ongoing communications and support. Hank is proactive and always accessible to answer questions. We highly recommend his services

– Rona Palmer-Sampayo

Weatherby & Associates provides quality legal advice and services at a reasonable fee.

– Andrew Feldman

Staff is friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable and timely in their responses to our questions and needs.

– Kathy Skopas

Weatherby & Associates showed genuine concern over our personal situation, plans, and desires, allowing a comfortable feeling that our planning would meet all our expectations.

– K.H.

It was an open presentation, not only to me, by to my whole involved family. There was nothing that wasn't fully explained, and no questions that went unanswered.

– A.L.B.

The staff and counselors at Weatherby & Associates have always been there to advise me on affairs concerning my father's estate and have always answered my questions and pointed me in the right direction.

– J.M.V.

Hank and his staff are sticklers for detail which represents to me a feeling of safeness that everything is being done correctly and there is no need to worry or be concerned.

– Chris F.

My experience with Weatherby & Associates far exceeded my expectations. I remortgaged my home and showed my Estate Planning book to other law firms and they said they were the finest set of documents they have ever seen.

– J.T.

We were facing heavy medical expenses with a modest inheritance and little to no income. Hank's advice to establish a living estate was brilliant and his continued advice in handling our finances has been a blessing. As our health deteriorates, I'm confident that his knowledge in these areas will help us to live our final years with dignity and without placing a burden on our children.

– D.W.S.

Weatherby & Associates recommended we have a living trust. This appears to be a wonderful solution to the disposition of our assets, first to the surviving spouse and ultimately to our heirs.

– John and Louise Kaestle

Weatherby & Associates has made the process very easy and very comfortable in order to make informed decisions.

– R.J.G.

Hank and his staff are very knowledgeable and accommodating. I trust them completely.

– R.A.

Weatherby & Associates keeps us well informed and always available for assistance.

– D.B.L.

Hank Weatherby gently probed and clearly listened to our preferences for how we personally and our estates will be cared for while we age and after we pass on. His Estate Planning Agreements are masterfully crafted to be clear, flexible and responsive to our wishes.

– John and Ann Murray

The staff at Weatherby & Associates has made long term planning simple and hassle free.

– S.T.

Weatherby & Associates, PC is extremely helpful in explaining all the aspects of planning.

– Paulina Waterschoot

Weatherby & Associates are very thorough, patient, and provide a comprehensive approach to Estate Planning.

– Maxine Pincott

Dear Hank, Thank you for taking the time to help us with your great advice and referral for my brother and his family! I feel so fortunate to know you and to rely on your firm. You have been wonderful and your help indispensible. With great appreciation for your time and generosity!

– Laura Khoshbin

I first met Hank about 3 years ago and since that time it has become exceedingly clear to me that Hank has the rare ability to take a complex problem, simplify it, and drive home results for his clients- consistently. Simply put Hank is one of the leading minds in estate planning industry and I consider him a valued mentor.

– Matthew Wiley

I belong to several national associations made up of estate planning and elder law attorneys. Hank Weatherby has a terrific reputation among the members of these organizations. When I have a client who has a family member in need of estate planning or elder law services in Connecticut, he will take the time to understand their concerns. He also has the expertise to help them plan to protect what is most important to them as he is committed to continuing improvement in estate planning and elder law.

– Dennis Sullivan

Hank is an excellent attorney who is very knowledgeable in this practice area. He works diligently and thinks creatively. He is an excellent choice as an attorney for business and estate planning. He knows a lot about employee benefits and investments and how they affect your estate plan. We serve together on the Connecticut Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. 

– Joseph Cipparone

I know Hank to be a careful and skillful lawyer who cares about his clients and works hard to help them achieve their objectives. I would not hesitate to recommend him to clients, colleagues and friends. Frank L. Bridges

– Frank Bridges

I endorse this lawyer's pioneering work in expanding estate planning to life care planning.

– Jonanthan Reed

Hank spends the time necessary to fully understand the goals of his clients and then works diligently to help them realize those goals. Highly recommend.

– Scott Hamilton

Hank's primary focus is on the needs of his clients and what works best for them in their individual circumstances. He is very practical and works to educate his clients without being condescending. At the same time, he keeps himself up to date on the many changes in the financial and tax structures so that he can best assist his clients, both individual and business. I endorse his work.

– Kathleen Grover

I have known Hank for 15 years or more. We have worked on a variety of matters together and do to one conflict or another I have occasionally referred matters to Hank. Hank is creative in his solutions; thorough and careful in his analysis; ethical in all manner and respects; and dedicated to his client's success. Hank is able to explain complex legal and financial concepts in clear and effective language that allows clients to make informed decisions. Hank has earned the respect he is afforded in our community.

– Kevin Quinn

Hank is a trusted colleague with whom I have forged a collaborative relationship to better serve our mutual clients on advanced estate and business planning matters. He possesses a rare blend of exceptional technical ability and superior client service skills. I am proud to be associated with Hank.

– George Constant

I was "lost" and now I am "found". I didn't know where to turn when my spouse was in assisted living and time (3) year long-term care policy was getting depleted.

– J.C.

The firm and associates are always willing to help answer questions and provide information that covers my needs.

– C.A.L.

Hank and his staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They have taken time to research problems in depth before giving advice. I regard my relationship as more than merely a client/lawyer relationship.

– S.H.P.
Weatherby & Associates have taken care of our estate planning needs for over 15 years. Hank continually keeps us informed on relevant changes to state and federal tax law, etc., and keeps our trusts up to date. His annual seminars for trustees and beneficiaries are extremely helpful and have relieved us of much anxiety as we advance in age. We believe in him and trust him.
– Marcel & Mary Rose Albert

The information of which our ratings are based has been procured at great expense by a system of our own; not relying on any one source, but verifying through several mediums


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    Hank spends the time necessary to fully understand the goals of his clients and then works diligently to help them realize those goals. Highly recommend. Read More
    – Scott Hamilton

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