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The Benefits of Adaptive Clothing

Getting dressed and undressed is one of the essential activities of daily living (ADLs) that many of us can take for granted. Our daily lives require clothing adjustments during toileting, showering and attending medical appointments. Older adults living with chronic conditions such as arthritis and paralysis can face frustration with dressing and fear of injury or fall. The development of adaptive clothing is intended to break down apprehensions around the time-consuming process of dressing. It is also designed to allow older adults to remain fashionable and comfortable.  

Many older adults utilize the help of professional in-home caregivers. These caregivers are often tasked with helping their clients dress for the day, undress for bed, and change when necessary throughout the day. Adaptive clothing is designed to make the process of dressing easier for both the older adult and his or her in-home caregivers.

Impaired dexterity in hands can make traditional clothing items with buttons difficult to maneuver. Adaptive clothing aims to increase the functionality of clothing by adding easy fasteners like magnets and snaps, as well as elasticized waists. Pants can open at the side or back to accommodate wheelchairs and incontinence concerns. Adaptive footwear is also available including skid-resistant socks and slippers designed to benefit those with chronic conditions like diabetes. Adaptive clothing is also meant to benefit those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. These conditions effect cognitive functioning. Dressing is a multi-step process that can be very difficult for those with cognitive impairments.

Long-established web-based companies such as Buck & Buck, as well as Silvert’s, are places to start a search for appropriate adaptive clothing. Their websites can be found at and Both sites offer a wide variety of categories so that loved ones can purchase adaptive clothing to fit just about every occasion. The emphasis is not just on the chronic condition, but on maintaining dignity in the clothing options.

At Weatherby & Associates, PC, we aim to help eliminate physical and mental anxieties around activities of daily living. Our life care coordinator gets to know our life care planning clients in their living environments and throughout their lives. As changes occur, she can offer personalized suggestions to help clients thrive. For more information on what makes us a unique law firm, contact us at 860-769-6938.


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