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asset protection hartland ctIf you have concerns about asset protection in Hartland CT, call Weatherby & Associates, PC. We are a Connecticut law firm leading the way with our compassionate and knowledgeable professionals. At Weatherby & Associates, PC we are dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive information on estate planning, asset protection, and wealth preservation services. If you are worried about potential vulnerabilities that may be putting your wealth and hard earned assets at risk, call the legal professionals at Weatherby & Associates, PC today.

Unfortunately, the world we live in grows increasingly litigious every day. If you are viewed as a person or professional with “obvious” wealth, you are at risk of becoming victim to frivolous lawsuits. The attorneys at Weatherby & Associates, PC work diligently to protect you, your family, and your assets from people just trying to make a fast dollar. If you or your spouse is a high income-earner, or has a net-worth of over $250,000, you may become the targets of erroneous litigation. 

Weatherby & Associates, PC does trust administration, in addition to asset protection. This is another way to protect and preserve your wealth. Even if you do not consider yourself wealthy, you may have more assets and wealth then you even realize. Setting up a trust administration allows you to determine how your assets are administered; as opposed to some of your most precious assets ending up probated. Bypass the tedious probate process by setting up a trust for your beneficiaries. 

When you need legal advice on a variety of different matters, call the team with experience and longevity, Weatherby & Associates, PC. Our asset protection and wealth preservation solutions are proactive and preventative. Weatherby & Associates, PC works hard to achieve the financial goals and security that best suits the needs of you and your family. Trust our years of legal experience. Call 860-769-6938 today for additional information or to schedule an appointment today.


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