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asset protection manchester ctWhen you have questions about asset protection Manchester CT, call Weatherby & Associates, PC. As a leading Connecticut law firm, our dedicated professionals are focused on providing residents with wealth preservation, estate planning, and asset protection services. When you need to seriously evaluate vulnerabilities in your life that put your wealth and assets at risk, call our legal professionals.

As many people know, the world we live in today is very litigious. People with seemingly obvious wealth can become targets of disingenuous lawsuits by unscrupulous people trying to make a quick buck. High income-earners and certain professionals with a net worth of over $250,000 are often targeted because people are trying to get something for nothing and hope that these individuals will settle without ever going to court.

A good analogy for asset protection is insurance. When you contact Weatherby & Associates for asset protection, we are providing you with a service akin to financial insurance. This proactive planning protects your wealth and assets from judgments, lawsuits, creditors, and divorce negotiations. If you feel like you may become a target of this kind of litigation, call our legal professionals. Even precautions like estate planning and risk management will not provide sufficient, if any, asset protection. Even a revocable living trust, which avoids probate and minimizes estate taxes, does not preclude you from these types of lawsuits. Call Weatherby & Associates, PC to ensure that your asset protection, in conjunction with your estate planning, shields you from predatory litigation.


Trust Administration

In addition to asset protection, a trust administration is another method of preserving your wealth. Even if you are not wealthy, you may still need or want to put your assets into a trust. If you have a moderate estate, you will want to make your arrangements with an attorney that has experience. By employing a trust administration, certain assets that have been transferred are not probated like others. Rather, the trust administration assets are administered in accordance with the terms of the trust. These trusts enable your beneficiaries to use the money as either you decide or how they please, without the tedious process of going through probate.

If you need advice on a multitude of legal issues, call the team with experience, Weatherby & Associates, PC. We offer proactive and preventative solutions for asset protection and wealth preservation. Weatherby & Associates will work with you to ensure that you and your family are able to achieve your financial goals. Depend on our years of service and experience. Call today for more information or to schedule a consultation, 860-769-6938.


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