Asset Protection Middletown CT

asset protection middletown ct

If you live in Middletown CT and need professional asset protection services, call Weatherby & Associates, PC. Rely on our attorneys to guide you through the difficult but necessary process of protecting your assets. As a leading Connecticut law firm with decades of experience, our dedicated legal professionals are focused on providing residents with comprehensive asset protection, estate planning, and wealth preservation services. Call Weatherby & Associates, PC when you need to seriously evaluate vulnerabilities in your life that put your wealth and assets at risk.

Unfortunately, the world we live in grows increasingly litigious by the day. If you are a person with seemingly obvious wealth, you can become targets of disingenuous lawsuits by unscrupulous people trying to make an easy dollar. Certain professions as well as high income-earners with a net worth of over $250,000 often become targeted. Be wary- people are always trying to get something for nothing. They hope that you will settle without ever going to court. If you feel like you may become a target of this kind of litigation, call our legal professionals. Get your power back with Weatherby & Associates, PC.

Insurance is an excellent analogy to help individuals understand the necessity of asset protection. When you call the attorneys at Weatherby & Associates for asset protection, we provide you with a service similar to financial insurance. By proactively planning, you protect your wealth and assets from lawsuits, judgments, creditors, and divorce negotiations.. Even precautions like estate planning and risk management will not provide sufficient, if any, asset protection. Even a revocable living trust, which avoids probate and minimizes estate taxes, does not preclude you from these types of lawsuits. Call Weatherby & Associates, PC to ensure that your asset protection works with your estate planning to shield you from predatory litigation.

Call Weatherby & Associates, PC when you need advice on a multitude of legal issues. We offer proactive and preventative solutions for asset protection and wealth preservation. Weatherby & Associates will work with you to ensure that you and your family are able to achieve your financial goals. Trust your family on our years of service and experience. Call our office today for more information or to schedule a consultation, 860-769-6938.

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