Elder Law Firms with Life Care Planning Go the Extra Mile

Elder Law Firms with Life Care Planning Go the Extra Mile

There are many differences between a typical elder law firm versus an elder law firm that practices Life Care Planning. Life Care Planning Elder Law firms offers a holistic, “elder-centered” method, which focuses on finding solutions for families or helpers who are struggling with the pressures and challenges of caring for an elderly family member or friend.

Elder law firms with practice in Life Care Planning focus on helping find resources to minimize using the elder’s financial resources while providing advice and assistance to promote and maintain good health and independence for the individual to age successfully and have the highest quality of life possible.

Weatherby & Associates, PC has been practicing Life Care Planning for over 15 years and the firm’s Life Care Coordinators who helps our client’s identify current and future needs in regard to aging, health issues, living environment and related issues. The Life Care Coordinator will help find and arrange care, access community services and public benefits, offers continued family education and serves as the elder’s advocate. Life Care Planning provides support to the family by lightening the burden and is constantly working to improve the elder’s quality of life and maybe postpone or eliminate the need for a nursing home. 

We cannot predict the future, but with good preparation an elder law firm with Life Care Planning can help prepare for what may lay ahead for the elder. For example, Life Care Planning clients at Weatherby & Associates, PC receive a customized plan to address legal, financial, health care, housing and long-term care issues based on the elder’s chronic illness, disabilities and wishes. A Life Care Plan truly helps defines every aspect of the elder’s life for when the needs may arise.

When a move into an assisted living or nursing home happens, the life care planning staff maintains the relationship and will continue to assess the quality and level of care that is provided. Life care coordinators remain the advocate and will address concerns to ensure the elder is enjoying the highest quality of life possible.

An initial meeting with a Life Care Planning Elder Law firm may focus on what your loved one has in place now for housing and resources, what their present physical and mental health is, and anticipated medical changes. Weatherby & Associates, PC will take it step by step to ensure a Life Care Plan is fully developed with no missing information to ensure the elder will get the best quality of life they planned for.

For more information about Life Care Planning services or to schedule your first consultation please call Weatherby & Associates, PC at 860-769-6938.


Elder Law Firms with Life Care Planning Go the Extra Mile | Weatherby & Assoc.

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