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estate planning east granby ctTalk to a trusted law firm for estate planning East Granby CT. Weatherby & Associates, PC. Attorney Hank Weatherby is a regional leader in estate planning services. When you prepare the legal documents to protect your assets, you are protecting your family. When you have worked hard all your life to build your retirement nest-egg, speak to Weatherby & Associates about protecting your assets. Of course you want your accumulated wealth and assets to pass to your heirs. Making an estate plan protects you and your family today and after your death. Estate planning ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you die. Attorney Hank Weatherby is a leading estate planning lawyer in the greater Hartford area. Attorney Weatherby will show you various methods you can use to minimize probate costs and taxes. Every family has different goals and objectives, regardless of income or wealth. Weatherby & Associates PC can draft a sophisticated estate plan to address your unique needs.

If your family structure is non-traditional, you should have an attorney talk to you about the importance of drafting a Will. Pension accounts, IRAs and life insurance policies are distributed according to the formal beneficiary-designation. A will can be contested in court by surviving family members, so be certain your lawyer gives you all the information you need to protect your surviving partner.

Estate planning will dictate in advance of a catastrophic health incident the kind of care you want. It is important to plan in advance for late life health care needs. Should you become incapacitated due to an accident, stroke, or brain insult, it may be too late to make decisions about your care. You should consult an estate planning lawyer to designate a health care proxy or power of attorney. You may wish to look into drafting a living will. Preparing for late-life health care needs protects your estate and assets against unnecessary loss. Ask Weatherby & Associates about the probate process, and how to avoid probate.

You have worked hard all your life to provide the lifestyle your family has enjoyed over your lifetime. Should you die young, your spouse and children will benefit from a comprehensive estate plan. We believe you deserve the peace of mind that comes with advance planning. Discover how you can do more for yourself and the people you care about with custom estate planning from Weatherby & Associates, PC. Protect your assets and contact us today at 860-769-6938.


Our service area includes the towns and surrounding areas of Avon CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Suffield CT, in Hartford County CT.


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