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Call the office of Attorney Hank Weatherby for Estate Planning Southington CT. With decades of experience in asset protection and estate planning in greater Hartford, Attorney Weatherby has answers to your questions. He will show you how to protect and preserve assets and protect your family legacy. Live out your retirement years knowing your loved ones will benefit from your estate plan. Attorney Weatherby has served greater Hartford for over twenty years. You have worked hard all your life to provide the lifestyle your family has enjoyed over your lifetime.

Estate plans are as individual as each family is. The purpose of an estate plan is to determine what happens to your property upon your death. Would you like to avoid probate, or minimize or eliminate estate taxes? As a leading Connecticut estate planning lawyer, Attorney Hank Weatherby helps individuals manage their assets. As an estate planning attorney will help you draft a will, assign power of attorney, and name an executor of your will. Failure to formulate an estate plan for your heirs could risk significant loss due to taxes and probate costs. 

Preparing for late-life health care needs protects your estate and assets against unnecessary loss. It is through the process of estate planning whereby you can protect your rights as a patient, and assure your personal dignity in a medical emergency. Estate planning will dictate in advance the kind of care you want and deserve. Should you suffer a brain injury or an accident, you will want a trusted individual to carry out your wishes. Achieve the peace of mind that comes with advance planning for your loved ones. Talk to Weatherby & Associates about making an estate plan. The financial well-being of your family could hang in the balance. Call today: 860-769-6938.


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