Intergenerational Opportunities to Never Stop Learning

Thanks to Seattle-based documentary filmmaker Evan Briggs, a national lens has been placed on a program local to her that works to enhance the lives of those young and old. The Intergenerational Learning Center is for children ranging from 6 weeks to 5 years old and it is housed within the retirement community of Providence Mount St. Vincent in West Seattle, Washington. Briggs poses this question in her film’s trailer, “What can the very old and the very young offer each other – if given the chance?”

CNN has done a profile on Briggs and her goals in their article called “Poignant moments unfold at a preschool in a retirement home.” The 2012-13 preschool year documented in her film highlights the relationships that are allowed to grow through the incorporation of intergenerational programming. The film’s trailer features a simple invitation from the Providence Mount St. Vincent’s activity director, “Will you come celebrate happiness with us?”  Social isolation is a prevalent risk factor for declining physical and mental health in older adults. The program aims to boost the self-worth and joy in the residents. The benefits are also two-fold in that the young children are grounded in an acceptance and understanding of those who are much older and have disabilities. Similar programs around the world have gained recognition for their innovative approach to social interaction as an essential part of health care.

To access the full article by CNN writer Daphne Sashin, visit To learn more about the structure of the multiple Intergenerational Learning Center programs, visit their website at The page offers a break-down of how programming is conducted for participants ranging from infant to pre-school age.

For more information on Evan Briggs and her influence, and to view the trailer for her film, which is now called “The Growing Season,” visit According to the website, the film is in post-production and is slated for release in 2017.

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