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medicaid planningIn Granby CT when you have questions regarding Medicaid planning, consult with Weatherby & Associates PC. Medicare is a government program for people over the age of 65 or disabled. Benefit coverage is limited under Medicare. Medicaid is the state and federal program for people that have limited assets and seek financial assistance to pay for long-term nursing care and nursing home care. Those who have long term care insurance or are wealthy enough to pay may have to turn to Medicaid. As a leading elder care attorney, Hank Weatherby will unravel the confusion associated with qualifying for Medicaid benefits. Often, people expect that all their future health care and maintenance needs will be covered by their insurance plans. Preparing for future health care needs should be started before retirement age. Preparation for future needs goes well beyond concerns about prescriptions, surgical intervention and doctor visits. What you do not know about long term care can evaporate your nest egg unless you prepare.

Couples who must make the difficult decision to apply for Connecticut Title XIX are often overwhelmed with paperwork and regulations. When dementia makes it necessary to select a nursing home for your beloved spouse, you will be shocked at the expense. Determining whether an individual may receive long term care and supports requires careful planning and asset management. It may take months to wade through the piles of paperwork to qualify for Medicaid benefits. Weatherby & Associates will supply the information you need to prepare for Medicaid and help you understand the eligibility requirements. When you need assistance with Medicaid Planning, call Weatherby & Associates PC at 860-769-6938.


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