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Probate and Will Administration CTConsult with Weatherby & Associates for probate and trust administration in Connecticut. Hank Weatherby leads a team of skilled probate lawyers serving greater Hartford and all of CT. The process of distributing an estate following the death of a loved one can be difficult. Weatherby & Associates strives to administer these processes smoothly as possible. When you want compassionate guidance from a law firm you can trust, call Weatherby & Associates.

A probate is the legal process in which the law makes sure the property goes to all legal beneficiaries, all creditors are paid, and all assets are gathered. When a deceased individual leaves behind a will, the court administers the will and an appointed individual known as a ‘Personal Representative’ distributes the assets as is stated in the will. The presence of a will allows a person to distribute assets according to their wishes. If, suppose, a person has not drawn a will and has passed away, that person’s wishes cannot be followed if they conflict with intestacy laws. Intestacy law applies even if that person’s wishes were known previously but not drafted in a will.

Probate refers to the process by which a court determines whether a person's Will is valid. Once the validity of a Will has been established, Probate describes the administration of the estate. Whether or not the decedent has left a will, you need a competent probate attorney to oversee the distribution of assets. Probate administration settles an estate under the supervision of the court.

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 At Weatherby & Associates PC, we strive to handle all probate and estate matters with compassion, care and respect.  We have a 20 year track record of success. Our legal team will develop a truly individualized strategy that is sure to achieve the objectives of every individual, business or family.  Contact us today at 860-769-6938.


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