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Probate Attorney CT

When you need a Probate Attorney in CT, then rely on the professionals at Weatherby & Associates, PC. We understand what needs to be done when handling an estate in CT. Keep reading to learn how we can help you.

Handling an Estate in CT

To begin, if you're handling an estate in CT, then a Will has to be filed with the probate court. This must happen within 30 days of death. The Will should be filed on form PC-200  or PC-212, along with a copy of the Death certificate. Believe it or not, if you fail to file the Will, then there's a possibility of a criminal violation. The Probate Lawyers at Weatherby & Associates, P.C. will ensure this step is never missed, so you don't have to worry.

Location of the Court

Moreover, you want to find the correct probate court location. The filing place depends upon where the decedent resided. In Connecticut, there are 54 probate courts and 7 regions. For example, if the decedent lived in Glastonbury, CT, then the closest location would either be 2143 Main Street, P.O. Box 6523 Glastonbury, CT 06033-6523 or 9 Austin Drive, Suite 211 Marlborough, CT 06447. For additional locations around the state, then you may visit this link to find the appropriate location for you.

Ensuring Smooth, Accurate Transfer of Assets from One Generation to Another.

To continue, at Weatherby & Associates, we understand that distributing an estate after the death of a loved one is a delicate matter. Whether probating a will or administering a trust, every asset and transaction must be recorded. This must include detailed accuracy while still being sensitive to the needs of a grieving family. For over 20 years, CT families have trusted Weatherby & Associates, P.C. with their loved ones’ estates.

We make sure they're handled correctly and compassionately. Our probate lawyers take special when handling each estate the way their loved one intended. Our CT probate attorneys are known for taking a focused approach to estate administration. This streamlines the process, reduces the potential for errors, and minimizes the costs and hassles involved. Additionally, our clients appreciate our communication process. 

When you need compassionate and experienced help handling the estate of your loved one, then turn to Weatherby & Associates, PC. We're conveniently located in Bloomfield CT and opening up additional locations toward the end of 2022. Call Weatherby Associates today and we'll be happy to assist you. 860-769-6938

Probate Attorney in CT


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