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probate lawWeatherby & Associates are your first choice in Granby CT when you have questions about Connecticut Probate Law. The Probate Courts have jurisdiction over the administration and oversight of trusts and estates. Most of the courts' work includes probating wills, administration of estates, overseeing testamentary and living trusts, determining title to real and personal property, and interpreting the meaning of wills and trusts.

Whether a Will exists or not, the Probate Courts oversee the division of the decedent's property. The courts ensure that any debt owed by the deceased person, funeral expenses and taxes are paid before the remaining assets are distributed. The executor or executrix of a valid will is responsible for settling the affairs of the estate. Because estate matters can be complex, the advice of an experienced probate lawyer is strongly recommended.

Probate can be avoided with the use of trusts, which can be used to shield a person's assets from taxation or court oversight. Setting up and administering trusts is complicated and should be pursued with help from a lawyer who is experienced in the field. Attorney Hank Weatherby has served the greater Hartford area for over twenty years. Our staff is committed to helping families preserve and protect assets and values. Call the law office at Weatherby & Associates PC today at 860-769-6938. 

Our service area includes the towns and surrounding areas of Avon CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Suffield CT, in Hartford County CT.

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