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probate lawyers suffield ctCall Weatherby & Associates, PC when you need probate lawyers Suffield CT. After the death of a spouse or parent, settling an estate takes an experienced team of probate lawyers. The firm has over twenty years of experience as probate lawyers in Connecticut. The Weatherby & Associates legal team has earned the trust of families in the greater Hartford area. The probate process distributes an estate after the death of a parent or loved one according to the decedent's wishes. Probate also refers to the administration of a person's probate estate once the validity of a Will has been established. In Connecticut, the probate process is supervised by the Connecticut Probate Court. The court oversees the division of property according to the decedent's wishes. You must have a probate lawyer initiate the probate administration process. 

Estate administration law in Connecticut is complicated and a bit confusing. Many estates handled in probate courts deal with complex tax laws and statutes. At the least, the process entails filing paperwork, paying debts and the essential fulfillment of the obligations of the deceased and their will. Your probate lawyer's responsibility is to file the necessary documents and notifications. He helps the executor or executrix identify estate assets, and identifies estate debts to be paid. He also prepares estate tax returns, and liquidate and distribute assets to beneficiaries. If there is a dispute, then things become complicated with additional hearings and legal intervention.


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Through the process of probate administration, Weatherby & Associates advise and assist executors and administrators in each phase of the process. If your spouse dies with a valid will in Connecticut, someone must file it with the probate court in the county where he or she lived. The net estate must be calculated, the deceased's debts must be calculated and paid. All financial affairs need to be wrapped up and any remaining assets need to be distributed to designated heirs. 

If you are thinking of drafting your Will and are confused about whether your assets are subject to probate, call Weatherby & Associates. We can discuss your options for avoiding probate. Our lawyers have experience in the use of a living trust and other estate planning services. Together, we can create a plan that is designed to preserve your assets and avoid the expense of probate. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at 860-769-6938 today.


Our service area includes the towns and surrounding areas of Avon CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Suffield CT, in Hartford County CT.


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