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One important way to protect the future of your special needs child is to establish a special needs trust Wethersfield CT. Taking care of a child with special needs is a task filled with responsibilities. Apart from the extra care and time needed to spend with your child, their legal rights are also a concerning matter. At Weatherby & Associates, we have a team of lawyers with over two decades of experience in improving the lives of many families with special needs children in Connecticut. We can provide you with complete guidance on how you can plan out a trust fund that will secure your child's future.

Special Needs Trust

It’s important to set up a Special Needs Trust for your child at an early stage. By ensuring their financial stability, you won’t have to constantly worry about the well-being and health of your child throughout their lifetime. The well-planned trust will provide government-issued benefits for people with physical, emotional, or intellectual challenges. Ideally, these Special Needs Trust will continue supporting individuals with disabilities even after they have reached adulthood.

How Weatherby & Associates Can Help

Most parents and guardians are pessimistic about the quality of life of their special needs children after their passing. Our team of lawyers can provide you with a thorough and detailed plan to set up a Special Needs Trust fund that will ease your worries. Considering your needs and resources, our plan will detail all concerns related to protecting assets, guardianship issues, and application to the Medicaid program.

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If you have any questions or queries, contact us at 860-769-6938 to learn more about our services and book a consultation. We aim to provide you peace of mind related to legal matters so you can give your utmost attention to your child.


Special Needs Trust - Wethersfield CT - Weatherby & Associates, PC


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