Time for a Spring Clean

Springtime often creates a drive to clean out your home, your desk, your car and just about everything that physically and emotionally constitutes ‘clutter’ in life. In some cases, projects can be completed more effectively when help is enlisted. Professional organizing is a growing industry which aims to serve a multitude of populations, but can serve a uniquely valuable purpose for the elderly.

As millions work toward the concept of aging in place, there are different scenarios for the elderly in which a professional organizer can be a helpful resource. For example, if it has been determined that an elderly person is in need of a 24-hour or “live-in” caregiver, the client (or in most cases their family members) need to ensure that a private room with a bed has been established for the caregiver. Live-in caregivers need to have a space so that they can have ample rest in order to do their jobs most effectively. Converting a room which may be used for storage or an office into an extra bedroom for a live-in caregiver is one task a professional organizer can assist with.

Another example is the process of “downsizing” with the goal of moving into a smaller and potentially safer living environment. Typical independent and assisted living communities offer living quarters that range from a studio to a 2-bedroom apartment. Belongings that once furnished and decorated a large private house will need to be streamlined to fit in an apartment. Professional organizers can help identify what items are necessary to keep, donate, or sell in the downsizing process. They can also work with the floor plans of the apartment to see what items fit best as all involved parties work to ensure that an elderly loved one can truly thrive in their new environment.

The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Connecticut Chapter defines their members as “experts in creating and maintaining an organized lifestyle.” They offer resources including listings for professional organizers, their specialties, and contact information on their website at www.napoct.com. As an industry standard, professional organizers possess knowledge of how to de-clutter and some of the root causes for why clutter occurs in the first place. Members of NAPO are also insured professionals and they strive to be non-judgmental. Among their goals are to truly collaborate with their clients and not just “steamroll” and advise the client to throw everything away. Professional organizers typically begin with a consultation and then offer a written contract outlining their proposed services and fees. Visit the website listed above or ask your local senior center for reputable professional organizers in your area.

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