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Trust Administration - ConnecticutWhen you need trust administration in Connecticut, get in touch with Weatherby & Associates PC. We are a team of compassionate industry experts led by Henry C. Weatherby offering customized plans for our clients depending on their needs. At Weatherby & Associates, PC, we strive to administer all processes related to probate and trust administration in Connecticut as smoothly as possible.

Following the death of a person, the assets transferred to a trust do not go through probate. Instead, they are administered according to the terms of the trust. Considering the intentions of the trust creator, trust assets can be distributed directly to beneficiaries, or they can be held and invested for later distribution. Moreover, trust assets can also be used to create scholarships and grants for deserving students, or the funds can be transferred to any charitable organization.

While they may appear to be simple solutions, trust administration is not always so easy. Trust administration involves detailed record-keeping, a keen eye for minor details, and exceptional integrity. Moreover, in some cases, trust administration may involve a combination of options which may further complicate the process.

Most people lack the skills needed for trust administration, and relying on professional services is the best choice. Weatherby & Associates, PC offers trust administration services in Connecticut to assist you throughout the process. With years of trust administration experience, we ensure that your loved one’s trust is handled with integrity and precision. Call our Connecticut trust attorneys today at 888-822-8778 to schedule an initial consultation.


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