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ways to avoid probate

At Weatherby & Associates, we talk to families about preserving wealth and assets, including ways to avoid probate. Probate court is where a deceased person's assets are transferred to the people who inherit them. Probating your will can be long, costly, and confusing. In Connecticut, there are options available for those who wish to save their heirs from the long, costly and confusing probate process.

When you care about leaving your accumulated wealth to your loved ones, it makes sense to talk to an estate planning lawyer. Weatherby & Associates, PC will help you protect your assets from probate. As the leading probate lawyers serving greater Suffield and the greater Hartford area, we have solutions for preserving your wealth.  The purpose of Probate Lawyers in Connecticut is to make certain your estate is handled properly after you die. It is important that you plan carefully for distribution of your property and assets for your survivors. Weatherby & Associates provide Probate Services as executors, co-executors, or as legal counsel to make the probate process as stress free as possible.

Weatherby & Associates offer comprehensive Estate Planning services, which include Trust Administration. Assets which have been transferred to a trust are not probated like other assets. Instead, the trust assets are administered according to the terms of the trust. Depending on the intentions of the trust creator, trust assets may be distributed directly to beneficiaries, held and invested for later distribution, used to create scholarships or grants, or transferred to charitable organizations. Assigning a 'payable-on-death' designation to bank accounts allows your beneficiary to claim the money directly from the bank without probate court proceedings. For motor vehicles, Connecticut allows a 'transfer on death registration' on your motor vehicle. This way, your beneficiary automatically inherits the vehicle upon your death.

Whether you have left a Will or not, your debts must be settled, bills paid, and taxes must be filed according to a timetable. The process of probating an estate will necessitate a thorough investigation of your finances, belongings, and personal business. Would you like to avoid a great deal of this burdensome process for your loved ones? You do not have to be wealthy to put your assets into a trust. But if you have a sizable estate, you should make arrangements with an experienced and trusted attorney. You can depend on our years of probate and trust administration experience. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at 860-769-6938 today.


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Ways to Avoid Probate | Suffield CT | Weatherby & Associates, PC

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