Why a Special Needs Trust Will Protect Your Child

by Attorney Henry C. Weatherby

Setting up a Special Needs Trust is an important way you can ensure ongoing care into your child's future. Having a child with special needs can be difficult. It can be hard to think about the future when day to day duties are overwhelming and time consuming. Caring for a child with special needs goes far beyond the life of the parent or guardian. You also must consider their lifetime and what they may need many years down the road. 

It is critical to plan and set up a Special Needs Trust to ensure the child has a successful life financially and a positive quality of life. A Special Needs Trust allows a person (whether an adult or child) with physical, emotional or mental challenges to receive financial support from the Special Needs Trust and still qualify for benefits provided through most government provided benefits.  These benefits can help ensure that your loved one will receive health care and, in some cases, financial support to help them maintain themselves as independently as possible.

Special Needs Trust planning removes the stress and any uncertainty of what will happen to your child with special needs out of the equation. The child will be taken care of by the terms you set forth in the trust. The life of a parent or guardian caring for someone is hectic enough and to provide a layer of security with a trust is a peace of mind that their child will be cared for long after their passing.

Trusts can be set up in different ways, which is why it is crucial to consult with an attorney whose practice focuses on planning for special needs, asset protection and trusts.  They can help you learn how you, your child and family can benefit from creating a plan that is personalized to you and your loved ones needs and circumstances. Attorney Henry C Weatherby of Weatherby & Associates, PC will strive to understand your objectives and work to achieve the best outcome for the child’s life and financial success even after your passing.

To ensure your accounts are safeguarded from lawsuits, creditors, or other legal action. Attorney Weatherby says assets that are transferred to a trust can avoid the probate process.  Perhaps most importantly the assets you have worked a lifetime to create can be protected from lawsuits, divorce, creditors, or other legal action whether it is against you or your beneficiaries if done timely and correctly. We provide solutions and individualized attention to deliver an estate plan best suited to your needs.

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Why a Special Needs Trust Will Protect Your Child | Weatherby & Associates, PC


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