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Justice O’Connor Brings Awareness to Alzheimer’s Through Personal Story

In a brave, recent announcement Sandra Day O’Connor stated publicly via a letter that she has been living with cognitive impairment that is likely Alzheimer’s disease. It was her choice to bring awareness to her new diagnosis, reflect on her care… Read More
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Finding Comfort in Memory Care

Select elder care facilities around the world are developing innovative memory care buildings, which can also be referred to as “neighborhoods.” In a recent article in The New Yorker, journalist Larissa MacFarquhar paints a picture of one such fa… Read More
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Doctor Develops a Dementia-Specific Advance Directive

If you were diagnosed with dementia, what kind of care would you want to receive? Dr. Barak Gaster has created a dementia-specific advance directive document that addresses that difficult question. The document emphasizes patient education by outlini… Read More
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Taking a Stand against Alzheimer’s Disease

  Alzheimer’s disease is a formidable, national epidemic. The non-profit Alzheimer’s Association, and its sister organization, Alzheimer’s Impact Moment (AIM), estimate that $259 billion is spent per year and that 5.5 million Americans ar… Read More
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Alzheimer’s Disease Documented in Song

Country performer Glen Campbell was a longtime celebrity, known in the public eye for his hit songs. In 2011, Campbell decided to make his journey as a man living with Alzheimer’s disease another major part of his legacy. Like legendary basketball… Read More
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Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s

Music is beloved by individuals across a wide spectrum of ages and diagnoses. Music can be strongly associated with memories of time spent with family and friends throughout the many stages of life.  How can clinicians harness the use of music into… Read More
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Traveling with a Loved One Living with Dementia

No matter the mode of transportation, traveling with a loved one who has dementia differs greatly from traveling with other friends and family members. Preparing the necessary resources for a long trip that crosses state lines can be daunting for car… Read More
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Popular Star Reveals Diagnosis

David Cassidy has been a presence seen in countless households for nearly fifty years thanks to the television show, The Partridge Family. After spending the time to come to terms with his diagnosis of dementia, he decided to publically reveal that… Read More
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We Need to Talk About Driving Key Resources

Making the life-changing decision to “give up the keys” and stop driving a vehicle for the remainder of your life is certainly a difficult decision. Being able to drive is a freedom that has likely been enjoyed for a majority of an older adult’… Read More
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Dementia Tools at Your Fingertips

Caregivers for those living with dementia are all over the country. Caregivers range in age, ethnicity, geography, income, and education. While research theories have been done about what the large, diverse population of caregivers looks like and wha… Read More
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