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What the Pandemic Made People Realize About Dying

There is nothing like a pandemic and a lockdown to get the family to talk about planning for dying Hartford CT. All around the world Coronavirus has left and continues to leave an impact. There has been significant loss of life coupled with beautiful stories of recovery and amid all the chaos a silver lining was drawn. The pandemic opened eyes and made people realize they can actually plan for when they die.  It is not morbid, it is just good personal planning.

People plan out their days, vacations, meals, weddings, births, so why not death? In most cases, talking about death and end of life wishes is awkward and families and friends don’t want to discuss it, but from all the significant loss the world has seen the last eight months it is hard to ignore what surrounds us at this time. And people are now talking. They are realizing the importance of personal planning to give themselves peace of mind that their loves ones will be safe in the event of sickness or emergency or their dying.

Personal planning, estate planning or planning for what you want for your loved ones after your death is part of adulthood. At Weatherby & Associates, P.C., we want our clients to realize they are not alone at this time and can continue to leave a legacy after their passing.

In America, children are legally adults at the age of 18. With independence at 18 it also means that neither mom or dad have any rights to their medical records. Without the 18-year-old’s legally granted permission parents do not have the right to talk to their doctor or other health care provider. Unfortunately, neither the parents of the 18-year-old are thinking about who can speak for them when they cannot tell the doctor what kind of care they want.


Because Anything Can Happen, Plan Ahead

Coronavirus, cancer, auto accidents, and other medical emergencies impact people of all ages. At Weatherby & Associates it is our belief that good personal planning can benefit anyone as it puts you in control of who makes health care decisions during your lifetime. It also addresses how you want your assets distributed after your passing no matter if you are 18, 45, 75 or 105.

Wills, living wills, trusts, advance health care directives, powers of attorneys, insurance policies, and accounts with beneficiary designations are all tools used at Weatherby & Associates for estate or personal planning. These documents will share information about who you want to step in in the event you have a medical emergency and you no longer have the capacity to make decisions, along with safeguarding your assets and to avoid probate costs.

There has always been uncertainty about what tomorrow may bring, and nowadays it is just more heightened. You can do more for yourself and the people you care about by planning for serious illness, disability, death and sharing your wishes and plans with your family, friends or other helpers you appoint.

To learn more about what we do to help you achieve your goals and wishes, call Weatherby & Associates, P.C. at 860-769-6938 to schedule a consultation and begin your personal planning. The firm has over 25 years of experience in estate planning, trust administration, long term care planning, special needs trust and asset protection.


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