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Planning for Dying - Hartford CT

What the Pandemic Made People Realize About Dying There is nothing like a pandemic and a lockdown to get the family to talk about planning for dying Hartford CT. All around the world Coronavirus has left and continues to leave an impact. There has be… Read More
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Why You Need Your Advanced Medical Directives Now

Let’s talk about why you need your advanced medical directives now! Young or old, right now age doesn’t matter. 2020 has brought, and continues to bring, unexpected hurdles. At a time of panic, you may not remember where you filed away y… Read More
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What if the Hospital Ignores Your End of Life Wishes?

When we ask our clients if they would ever want to be artificially kept alive on a machine or the like, they almost invariably answer NO.  We have all seen too many horror stories of individuals who end up living a sad existence in a vegetative stat… Read More
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