Estate Planning Gone Wrong – Settling the Estate of James Brown

As a two part series, we will look at how the estate settlement process for two different celebrities can illustrate starkly contrasting results achieved from their respective estate plans.  First we will look at the settlement of the Estate of Jame… Read More
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I Don’t Have Children – Who Will Care for Me?

Over the years, many women decided that they didn’t want children. Their decision was made not necessarily because they were selfish; many were career-oriented and received fulfillment through their work. But as these women age they wonder who will… Read More
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Observations on the U.S. Trust Annual Wealth Survey

U.S. Trust conducts an annual survey of high net worth individuals to prepare a comprehensive report it calls the “Insights on Wealth and Worth” (“Survey”).  While there are many fascinating observations and conclusions that may be drawn fro… Read More
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An Expensive Family Fight Over an Item Worth $100

A 2014 Maine court case illustrates how some families can get into significant arguments over what seems to outside observers to be fairly insignificant things. See Estate of Greenblatt, 86 A.3d 1215 (Me. 2014). In 2008 Ada Greenblatt died childless.… Read More
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Change in Eligibility Criteria for VA’s Healthcare Program

The Veterans Health Administration is America’s largest integrated health care system, serving over 8.5 million veterans each year.  A veteran who served in the active military and was separated from service under any condition other than dishonor… Read More
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A living will is a legal document where a person proactively declares their wishes pertaining to end of life care.  In order to be honored by third parties, the document will need to be executed with similar formalities as a health care power of att… Read More
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Medicaid Applicant Who Made Transfers Before Major Health Problems Still Subject to Penalty Period

A recent New Jersey court of appeals case illustrates some of the pitfalls of the Medicaid rules and the problems that can result without proper planning.  See S.L. v. Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services (N.J. Super. Ct., App. Div., N… Read More
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Cognitive Decline – Is There a Way to Reverse This Misfortune?

Alzheimer’s disease typically strikes adults age 65 and over. Cognitive decline currently affects 5.2 million Americans and 30 million individuals all over the world. The future is especially bleak, with 16 million Americans over 65 projected t… Read More
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Some Questions About Inheriting A Retirement Account

Will my beneficiaries owe taxes on the retirement accounts I pass down to them? Most retirement accounts, including so-called “traditional” IRAs and employer sponsored 401(k) accounts, are funded with the pre-tax contributions of the plan partici… Read More
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Does everybody have an estate plan?

Yes, in that the state furnishes everyone with a plan to settle their affairs and distribute their assets when they die.  That plan is called the laws of intestacy. However, that is a far cry from having your own plan to provide for who is to be in… Read More
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