Key Medicaid Information for 2021

Protections for the Community Spouse

Community Spouse Resource Allowance (CSRA): Minimum: $27,328
Maximum: $130,380
Increased CSRA: As Permitted by Fair Hearing or Court Order
Annuities: Actuarially sound annuities are permitted.
Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance: 

Minimum: $2,155.00 (lower 48 states)
Maximum: $3,259.50        



Average monthly cost of nursing home care according to state:  $13,512.00

Has a Long-Term Care Partnership program been implemented? Yes



Is the state an income cap state?  

NO for Nursing Home Care; 
Yes for Connecticut Home Care for the Elderly.

Income Cap:  $2,382

Estate Recovery

Has the state expanded the definition of estate beyond the probate estate?  Yes

Has the state included a hardship provision in its estate recovery plan?  Yes


Home Equity Limit

The state Medicaid program will not cover long-term care services for those with home equity above this limit, with certain exceptions:  $906,000



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