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Medicaid Planning falls under the category of Elder Law. Weatherby & Associates PC are your local resource in Avon and greater Hartford CT for seniors and other individuals who need help paying for long term care expenses and nursing home care. The sooner you start Medicaid Planning, the more assets you will be able to protect. When an individual is going to need custodial care or must be placed in a nursing facility, they must qualify for Medicaid.

Preparing for future health care needs should be started before retirement age. Our staff is professional and knowledgeable in the entire process of preparing paperwork and financials. Preparation for future needs goes well beyond concerns about prescriptions, surgical intervention and doctor visits. What you do not know about long term care can break you financially, unless you prepare.

Many people assume that Social Security, Medicare, or supplemental health insurance plans will pay for daily long-term assistance for an individual with physical or cognitive disabilities. When an individual needs help with daily activities - bathing, eating, dressing, moving around, using the bathroom - custodial care is required. Since custodial care is not medically necessary to improve, maintain, or slow deterioration of a patient's condition, it does not qualify for coverage or reimbursement by medical insurance.

Determining whether an individual may receive long term care and supports requires careful planning and asset management. Although your health may be fine now, an accident or medical incident can change everything overnight. Weatherby & Associates will supply the information you need to prepare for Medicaid and help you understand the eligibility requirements. When you need assistance with Medicaid Planning, call Weatherby & Associates PC at 860-769-6938.


Our service area includes the towns and surrounding areas of Avon CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Suffield CT, in Hartford County CT.


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