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long term care planning old saybrook ctIf you need assistance with long term care planning in Old Saybrook CT, call the professionals at Weatherby & Associates. There are many different eligibility criteria for medicaid. Did you know that medicaid pays for nursing home expenses for any eligible person, twenty-one years or older? The State of Connecticut determines not only whether an individual is eligible for services, but also whether or not they qualify for long term care services. 

Unfortunately, many people in Connecticut are painfully aware of the prohibitive costs of live-in nursing homes. Be proactive for you and your loved one by calling Weatherby & Associates today. Our professionals will assist you in determining your medicaid eligibility. In addition, we will assist you in learning about what other government programs may be right for you or your loved one. At Weatherby & Associates, we have the knowledge and resources needed to provide effective long term care planning assistance.

At Weatherby & Associates, Attorney Henry Weatherby provides comprehensive legal counsel on a variety of services. When you need guidance on any legal facet, call Weatherby & Associates. From elder care and medicaid planning to estate planning needs, Attorney Weatherby works tirelessly to protect you, your family, and your assets. The cost of long term care in Connecticut is outrageous. Did you know that the average total monthly cost for Connecticut nursing home care is $12,604 (as of 2018)? This startling number does not have to be a reality. Call Weatherby & Associates today.

If you are part of the 75% of Americans who do not make arrangements for their long term and elder care needs, it’s not too late to change. Call Weatherby & Associates today at 860-769-6938. Our attorneys and paralegals are waiting to assist you and your family.


Long Term Care Planning | Old Saybrook CT | Weatherby & Associates 


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